About Us

     I was born in a small Midwestern town, and begged my parents for a puppy from the time I could talk. When I was eight years old, Dad relented and I brought Roman home (a 90 lb. mixed breed) and for the next 15 years he rarely left my side. Roman’s ashes remain here at Anne-Isle Kennels.  In 1991, we purchased our first purebred German Shepherd companion dog and our first German Shepherd show dog in 1995.  That same year we lost my beloved sister Anne to cancer and her ashes were scattered across Anne's Island, a slip of an island near our family cabin in Little Falls, Minnesota.  I thought it fitting that my life's work - my real passion - should bear her name, and so we adopted the kennel prefix "Anne-Isle."  I knew that we'd be all right with Anne watching over us.


 In 1997, Joan and Fran Ford of the famous Fran-Jo Kennels in Columbus, Ohio  agreed to share Champion R Drew of Fran-Jo, ROM, and Jackie of Fran-Jo (sister to Can. GV Jag of Fran Jo) with us, and both arrived together at the Minneapolis airport late one unforgettable evening.  Drew became my first AKC champion and ROM dam and both Drew and Jackie are the foundation of Anne-Isle Kennels. Since then, we have owned and/or bred multiple Select and Grand Champions, ROM Dams, an ROM Sire, multiple Futurity and Maturity winners, Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show Champions, and  30 American and/or Canadian Champions. Take a look at our “ Record of Achievements” section for more information regarding Anne-Isle show dogs.


The focus of our breeding program is on mentally sound, healthy German Shepherd dogs that combine beautiful, balanced movement with the working abilities for which the breed is famous.  We look for intelligent, confident dogs that are capable of top performances in any venue and, of course, that conform as close as possible to the breed standard.

In addition to AKC sanctioned breed shows, our dogs have excelled in therapy work, herding, obedience and other performance venues. We are especially proud of Anne-Isle’s Promise Keeper( Tucker) and his co-owner and handler/trainer Kristan Sherman. Not only is Tucker an ROM sire and a 2xSelect Excellent American Grand Champion, he is the youngest German Shepherd Dog to attain the rare and coveted title of PAM—Performance Award of Merit. He has made breed history by obtaining 2 Excellent Performance titles and an Award of Merit. You can learn more about Tucker’s incredible achievements by clicking on Promise Keeper under our “Boys” section.


 We believe in providing an environment for our dogs that enhances the breed's natural work ethic, and we focus on lots of exercise, fresh air, and big areas to run and play.  We insist on the best food with the highest quality ingredients  We believe that socializing young puppies is the most important thing we do, and so we spend countless hours with each Anne-Isle puppy to ensure that he has as many positive new experiences as possible.

     Thank you for your interest in Anne-Isle Kennels!